Hypnos 1 Scene

Luiz Gustavo Santana 04/11/2017

Hypnos 1 Space Station is a research facility located just beneath an unknown Nebula; It is the first Helios Class Space Ship, designed to secure humans sleeping in stasis for 4 decades, over interstellar Travel.

About the Scene

The scene was made using Unreal Engine 4, and i made all the assets presented in the scene, as a school project, i had to overpass my specialties and focus my efforts in modeling unique assets as a collateral effect, the art style in the scene is based on Art Deco, an artistic movement from 1920's.


At the backstory, the scene is based in an alternate reality where the second world war never happened, and mankind had the chance to focus technology in advanced space programs, as interstellar travel and FTL formulas.

Orbiting the Nebula
Retro-Futuristic Corridor