Luiz Gustavo Santana 2013-2015

Electroshift was independent first person shooter game, inspired by story-based games as the Bioshock, Fallout 3 and Dishonored. The game was unique experience produced by a very talented team using the earliest versions of Unreal Engine 4.

About the Game

The player takes control of the hunter Jakobs, who literally falls right in the middle of all the battles that are destroying Paris, and with Aton Tesla's help, you will change the course of history. Walk down the streets of New Paris, fight for the most precious jewel that is still holding strong on the planet, The City.


Paris, the most brilliant city on the planet, rebuilded as a symbol of human power against the sadness of the apocalypse, but this dream is about to end; We lived in a Utopia for 63 years, meanwhile people suffered with plagues and radiation at the other side of Seine River, now they want to change the life balance, they want our city, and it will fall. I thought this would be our end, but now you are here, a gift from the skies, our game changer - Anabelle

Square Enix Collective

We had the opportunity to be part of an experimental partnership provided by Square Enix. The "Collective" was an opportunity to get fresh feedback from the public and verify the possibility of a crowd funding campaign.

Electroshift Collective

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Abandoned Streets
Unforgiving Night
The Wasteland Around the City